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Madelaine's Musique

Private one on one piano and voice lessons that assist students to develop a joy and passion for music that will stretch into their everyday lives and last a lifetime.

Teaching Philosophy

I strive to make the student’s experience of creating music engaging, fun, and rewarding in a safe learning environment.

Every student is unique with their own needs, goals, and ways of learning. Therefore, lessons are tailored to each individual student. By discovering what “success” means to each student, I help them achieve their personal goals through various methods. I believe in all forms of success which could be in the form of...

  • gaining enough confidence to sing in a small church choir

  • participating in piano competitions and going onto major in music at the collegiate level.

  • learning piano simply to have a fun hobby!

Each student’s ambitions are important, no matter how small or big.


As I endeavor to guide students towards their goals, I help them

  • find a creative outlet of self expression

  • foster personal development

  • gain confidence

I teach my students that determination, persistence, and self confidence are the keys to success. These skills help students not only throughout their musical journey, but with any other goal they might have in life.

What You Get

Lessons are private one on one lessons with the option of

  • 30 minutes

  • 45 minutes

  • or an hour if student is interested in both voice and piano.


I take it upon myself to get to know my students and their individual goals and musical tastes. I take time outside the lessons to find music tailored to each student's interest. I truly believe the best way to learn music is by playing or singing something you enjoy.


If a student hits a road block, I brainstorm to find a solution so the next lesson we can start to overcome the challenge. I love to tell my students there is no "I can't," there is only "I can't yet." 

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